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“The Human Condition” Two day’s Painting exhibition ON for public

Minister of Information Mr. Nasir Hussain Shah and President Arts Council Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Shah inaugurated the painting exhibition “The Human Condition” today on Thursday, 26 April 2018 at Ahmed Pervaiz Art Gallery, Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. A collection of paintings, photography and drawings from 5 emerging artists each exploring what it is to be human.  The exhibition will continue till tomorrow 27th April, where paintings and photographs of emerging artists were at display. Chief Guest appreciated the artist’s and said ” There should be more opportunities and platforms for the youth to show their talent” Mr. Nasir said that “we have specially made a policy for the promotion of youth, which we will declare on the 7th of may”.

  1. Shiza Hai is the one of exhibition contesting artist, she said “The fact is that the core of our conditioning is woven with observation, perception and our surroundings.   In its flight from death, the craving for permanence clings to the very things sure to be lost in death. An end is eventually inevitable, but we are conditioned to make something of ourselves and watch death arrive without colors..”
  2. Artist Raahima Junaid said “The phases of losing objects and forgetting almost every thing, my damaged ear drum triggered a condition of confusion, trauma and stress. The fog of my mind takes over my body. This series of work is my process of therapy to overcome the anxiety that I go through on a daily basis.”
  3. Artist Dania Shah Khan said “The obsession with morbidity, isolation and decay translates into my work with the monochromatic greyish tones of wasteful objects contrasting with the stark scarlet hues in the cloth of figures trying to hide from the reality of themselves and the decaying world around them.” 
  4. Artist Anousha Hassan said “Our experiences impact our understanding of the universe and all that it contains. Reality is,  therefore, unique for each person and is coloured by their perception.” 
  5. The 5th participant of the exhibition Nimrah Nadeem express her views “The work  emerges from emotional under currents we carry, and the notion that memory can be both resilient and unreliable.  The layers of different mediums become metaphors for layers of memory, the physical process of creating and obscuring echoes the ways in which our own minds alter our remembered realities.”



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