Press conference to save eminent artist Shahid Sajjad’s workshop from destruction

Press conference to save eminent artist Shahid Sajjad’s workshop from destruction was held today 23rd April 2018 in manzhar akber hall, Muhammad Ahmed Shah President Arts Council along with Ghazi Silahuddin and Salmana Shahid while addressing the press said, ” i am very thankful to the press for coming, Shahid Sajjad was a very prominent and talented sculptor, there use to be a small apartment in pechs where Shahid had opened his studio, the owner of that building after the death of shahid has forced his family to evacuate that apartment, alot of his work has been either sold or dumped somewhere, if we cant secure our artist’s work how can we call ourselves promoters of Art or Culture”. Anwar Maqsood also spoke and said ” one person who has spent all his life in that small apartment working to enrich the culture of Pakistan is forgotten, I plead the Sindh Government to take some action before elections and to either save the apartment or shift the Art to another building. Salmana Shahid wife of Shahid Sajjad said, ” All that Mr Ahmed Shah and Mr Anwar Maqsood have said has given me strength to speak up, I have to go to the court every day early morning, for us this is not a personal matter anymore but a national problem now, it has been 50 years that this studio/workshop is being held here, the owner of the building use to treat Shahid like his father, Shahid learned what he learned through trial and errors, he always liked to work in silence never showing off, silence is the reason we have to ask for a space to be given to us. Ghazi Salahuddin said ” I have been with Shahid for a long time even our kids have played with eachother, we have to save our artist’s work, Shahid always worked with ethics he had his own set of rules, Shahid was the first person after Moen jo daro who successfully made sculptors from the lost wax method, an institute can be formed around the work Shahid has done.


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