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Arts Council to host 13 day Awami Theater Festival from the 16 April. Ahmed Shah

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is starting a 13 day festival called Awami Theater Festival, it will be ongoing from the 16 of April till the 28 of April in open air auditorium, in which senior artists will display their talents. 14 plays of different languages like Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, Pushto and Saraiki will be on display for the citizens of Karachi for free so people of all class can enjoy the shows. President Arts council Muhammad Ahmed Shah along with chairman press and publication committee Bashir Saddozai, chairman audio visual committee Iqbal Lateef and Awami Theater Festival’s coordinator Adham Rathore  on Thursday while addressing the press gave out details of the festival and said that when we came into Arts Council Karachi, Awami Theater had an amazing tradition, Artists like Moin Akhtar and umer sharif put its popularity in four folds, then as other fields got unstable Awami Theater  was also affected, this Awami Theater will not only raise the bar for Awami Theater Festival in Karachi but also people will be able to understand and appreciate different languages.  In this Theater Festival the artist showing their talents should be rewarded and looking at all the work the artists have put in this reward will be doubled in the future. Awami theater is an east tradition and for it to remain alive all the people who are putting in effort are admirable people, President arts council further said that Art council of Karachi is working day and night for the betterment of theater, Awami Theater Festival is the result of all that hard work. Awami Theater will be performed from the 16 of April to the 28 of Aprilevery day, in these plays the colors of comedy and classic will be in full swing which the citizens will enjoy immensely. Arts council in this festival is providing essential help to all the directors and artists. He said that the play “munda bighiri jaye” is written and directed by Rauf Lala, in which Shakil Siddique, Saleem Afridi and many more artist’s beautiful comedy will be loved by families. “Mauhalla Ponay Aath” a play written by Pervaiz Siddiqui which will be presented by Rufi Anum which is a beautifully written play on the life of a transgender. “Sargrahan” will be presented by Sindh’s well known writer Shah Nawaz Bhatti, in Sindh he is popular for cultural shows. “Dhiyan Raniya” a Punjabi play on the issue of dowry in society will be presented by Muhammad Naqvi. Khalid Saleem a flim actor will be portraying a role of his lifetime. “Laila Chenessor” is a classical sindhi play written by Shah Nawaz Bhatti whereas Sindhu Ali Nawaz is going to be directing it. “Pat Ghal Bachaa” a play written by Krishan Chandar for the first time is being presented by Khan Muhammad Sadiq in classic Pashtoo, this play was presented for the first time by Patras Bukhari in urdu language in 1935 at New Dehli . “Pehli Sarak” a play on every day stories of life on the street is going to be presented by Makhdoom Riaz. “Bazu” is a beautifully written play in Saraiki is being presented by Zahoor Malik. “Munjamid Aansu” a beautiful play on filmy words is being presented by Mujeeb Qureshi. “Papa, Pyar aur Paisa” classic theater will be presented by a senior artist of Awami Theater Festival Jameel Rahi. “Arzay Pak Ki Dewani” is a story of a crazy girl sacrificing her life for her country is a play presented by Hameed Rathore. “Maa Tujhe Salam” is written and directed by Adham Rathore, is a beautiful story on the subject of a mother. “Waleed Advail Mein” is a senior artist Rasheed Sabir written play which will be performed by Abid Naveed and Altaf Somro. Muhammad Ahmed Shah said that the media has always taken a big part in Arts council’s programs and gives full coverage to it. Awami Theater Festival is for the people of Karachi, ever body can come watch this show, the passes will be available at Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi.

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