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ACIAC Announced the Scholarship Program for 100 Talented Art Students

Press Conference about the revival of Arts Council Institute of Arts & Crafts (ACIAC)

100 scholarship program for talented art students

Let a thousand artists blooms, find one student, do inspire millions.

Arts Council Institute of Arts and Crafts is located in Arts Council of Pakistan; it was first art institution established in 1964 by visionary great people like Mr. Z.A.Bukhari, Mr. Faiz and Mr. Jalaluddin Ahmed many more. Since then it is providing art education and training for passionate art students. Many famous artist were educated and trained by this institution, like Masood Kohari, Noor Jehan Bilgrami, Nahid Raza, Imran Mir Shakil Siddiquie and many more. 

Today, the Dynamic Personality President  Arts Council Mr. Muhammad Ahmed Shah , Principle renowned painter and sculptor Mr. Shahid Rassam and new board member legendry writer painter Mr. Anwar Maqsood, hold the press conference to high-light ambitious future plan with both short term and long-term goals.

It is indeed a historic moment in Pakistan history that an institution is providing 100 full bright scholarships for deserving talented art students. Who have talent but not resources?

Our main mission is to provide:

100 Scholarships for Talented Youth, Free Education and Training.

Details of our plans and goals are as given below.


To make ACIAC one of the top art institutions of Pakistan as it used to be when it was established.

To make it an example for the city and the society that how art education can change the fabric of the society. Our scholarship program is only on the basis of talent rather than anything else, either they are from any color, cast and creed or religion. 


Re structuring of ACIAC, we are going to build the whole building in to state of art institution; it is being designed by the renowned architect. we are not only going to change the façade or building but also doing intellectual re structuring. New faculty member famous artists and professionals from different departments are being hired. they would be part of our permanent and visiting faculties. like Noor Jehan Bilgrami, Marjorie Hussain, Jabbar Gul,

Muhammad Zeeshan, Mehr Afroz and many more. International artist are also coming to conduct work shop and lectures.


Upgradation to the conventional arts:

Music Academy, Dance Academy, Theatre Academy, Acting Academy, Film Academy, Photography Academy

  • Calligraphy Department
  • Fashion Designing Department
  • Miniature Department

Apart from that we are offering English language program as well as Urdu literature program.

We are also offering a supportive education program for those talented artists who have not completed their intermediate because of financial reasons.

In order to achieve the following steps are being taken.

  • Restructuring of Departments
  • Latest Tools, Material
  • The Art Shop for Students.
  • Restructuring of Faculties
  • Hiring New Faculty Members
  • Training for Permanent Faculty Members.
  • Redesigning of Curriculum
  • Change Current Diploma Structure into Four-year Degree Program.
  • To launch A Foundation Course as well as Short Courses.
  • To start Exchange Program from Different Institutions in The Country as well as Abroad.
  • Build A Platform for Getting the Scholarship for Teachers as well as Students.
  • Generate Resources for The Institution
  • Conventional and Digital Library
  • TO BUILD A BRIDGE BETWEEN ACIAC and the Main Industry
  • To Get the Internship And Job For The Student

In the end we would like to thank our great supporters Mr. Rashid Abdullah, Mr. Shaukat Tareen and Mr. Aftab Tapal who are the ultimate part of this great cause and have sponsored our 100 students. We would also like to invite private sector different banks and multinationals companies and our philanthropists  please be the part of Arts council and ACIAC to make a great difference not only for the great city but also our society for the great cause.

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