Mohammad Ahmed Shah (SI, HI)

President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi

Current Caretaker Provincial Minister for Information, Minority Affairs, and Social Protection, Sindh

Mr. Mohammad Ahmed Shah (HI,SI)

Mohammed Ahmed Shah (HI, SI) [محمد احمد شاہ], the current Caretaker provincial Minister for Information, Minority Affairs, and Social Protection, Sindh. Additionally, he hold the esteemed position of being the first elected president of the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi. Born on 29th May 1959, his life’s dedication revolves around the promotion and preservation of Pakistan’s rich art and culture. He have received the Hilal-i-Imtiaz (HI) and the Sitara-i-Imtiaz (SI) from the President of Pakistan in recognition of his unwavering efforts.

As the Caretaker Minister for Information, his mission is to ensure that the common man has access to those in power, holding them accountable for the promises made during their tenure. In his role as the Caretaker Minister for Minority Affairs, he strive to build stronger ties with our diverse communities, and as the Caretaker Minister for Social Protection, he focus on creating impactful programs that leave a lasting positive impact on those in need.

Having grown up in Karachi, his passion for art and culture has driven him to secure victories in Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi elections for the past 16 years. Through these elections, he have actively contributed to the flourishing art scene in Pakistan. The Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, stands as a thriving hub of artistic expression, hosting conferences, art classes, shows, and various events regularly. It serves as a platform where individuals from all walks of life can come together to share their views. He honoured to lead this vibrant community that embraces the diversity and cultural heritage of Pakistan.

He firmly believe in the transformative power of art and culture to combat extremism and violence. With this belief, He works towards fostering peace, harmony, diversity, and cultural connectivity across all sections of Pakistani society. Serving as the President of the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi, a historical institution that nurtured legends like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sadequain, and Roshan Ara Begum, has provided him with valuable experience in managing arts, culture, literature, and fine arts. Alongside the dedicated team at the Arts Council, his tirelessly enhance the credibility and reputation of this non-profit, non-governmental organization.

Beyond his role at the Arts Council, he involved in various endeavors as a prominent speaker, culture and arts promoter, producer, trade union activist, human rights advocate, civil society activist, influencer, and social worker. As a trustee of SZABIST, he committed to supporting education for a brighter future for Pakistan. My passion for promoting the Urdu language has led him to organize and chair numerous global and domestic forums, including the esteemed International Urdu Conferences. Additionally, he serve as a board member of the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan and as a member of the board of Flagstaff House (Quaid-e-Azam House) and PNCA.