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Karachi Dance Festival 2017, Outstanding Success

5th May 2017: Day One of Karachi Dance Festival 2017 was an outstanding success. A massive crowd showed up at Arts Council to revel and be entertained with the amazing lineup of performances that were in store for the day. The day began with a panel discussion that was headed by an esteemed group of panelists. It was followed by a dance workshop in which was attended by experts and professionals as resource persons. President of ACP Ahmed Shah briefed members of the media in a media briefing and a red carpet for the attendees. The event officially began with an opening address where Ahmed Shah and Cultural Minister of Sindh Syed Sardar Ali Shah spoke to the audience members and a grand performance in which all the group leaders participated. The performances included various dance forms which were able to capture the attention of the audience and entertain them. A special tribute to Madam Noor Jehan was paid by one of the groups. Day Two of KDF 2017 promises to be as fun and entertaining as Day One. Please be punctual and don’t forget to bring your passes.


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