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The World Bank Delegation 2nd visit to Arts Council

The World Bank Delegation were on their 2nd visit to Arts Council today. They were accompanied by World Bank representative Annie Bidgood. The panel shared the initial designs and plans with the attendees and how the Karachi Neighbourhood Project has begun with the development of Cultural and Educational sector as a top priority. Mr Khair Mohammad, Director of Urban Planning and Project Director of the said project, shared how the project started when Mr. Shah took keen interest in making Karachi a liveable city by designing an idea that involves restoration of the city and introducing more activities and events that promote peace and brotherhood and our culture and values among the people of this city. The attendees included the governing body of ACP, director of NAPA, director of Urban Planning, Head of Architecture Department NED, Principal of DJ Science College, artists and prolific members of entertainment industry, Head of the National Museum and Head of the Cultural Department. The meeting was followed by a Q and A session.

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