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World Bank delegation visited Arts Council

A delegation from the world bank visited Arts Council along with their Consulting Head Hafeez Habibi on 22nd Jan. 2017. The delegation met with the President of ACP Mr. Ahmed Shah and the governing body and spoke about a project that would result in drastic cultural and educational developments in the city. The project would cover renovation and demolition of areas such as DJ Science College, SM Arts and Law Colleges, National Museum, Burns Garden, Faizi Rehman Art Gallery and Arts Council. The project would include construction of open air theatres and workshops, coffee shop, social clubs, galleries, book shops and fairs and security systems to ensure everyone’s safety. The project would focus on improving the educational and cultural zones of the city while also beautifying the ambience and atmosphere. The project also includes minimising transport and automobiles and installing environment friendly mode of transportation which includes installation oTrams across the city to reduce pollution and noise. The meeting was also attended by the Director of Urban Planning Mr. Khair Muhammad Kalhoro.

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