September 19, 2020

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi

آرٹس کونسل آف پاکستان کراچی‎

12th Aalmi Urdu Conference 2019

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi is commemorating Pakistan’s 73rd year of Independence by observing it as the focal point of this year’s Aalmi Urdu Conference, which is going to be held from December 5 till December 8, 2019. The conference is designed while keeping in mind the 7th decade of our Independence, feature over 150 delegates from 20 countries, along with 32 sessions on diverse forms of art such as film and TV.

4th Day, Saturday 8th December 2019

4th day, session “Naujawano ka Mushaira”

4th day, session “Ikhtitami Ijlaas”

4th day, session “Anwar Maqsood”

4th day, session “Kashmir aur Khitey men Amn ki Soorat e haal”

4th day, session “Yaad e Raftagan”

4th day, session “Sohail Waraich se Mulaqaat”

Pakistan men Izhaar e Fun ki Aazadi”

4th day, session “Social Media aur Urdu”

4th day, session “Bachon ka Adab”

4th day, session “Urdu ka Shahkar Mizah”

4th day, session “Taleem: Masail kia hain? Hal kia hon?

4th day, session “Kitabon ki Roonmai”

4th day, session “Moaser Urdu Tanqeed”

3rd Day, Saturday 7th December 2019

3rd day, session “Aalmi Mushaira”

3rd day, session “Pakistan men Funoon ki Soorat-e-haal”

3rd day, session “Media Kitna Qaid Kitna Azad?”

3rd day, session “Kitabon ki Roonmai”

3rd day, session “Amar Jalil ke Saath”

3rd day, session “European Literary Circle”